The 4th Martinique International Flower Show

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In Martinique will take place, from 07th to 15th december 2019 , the 4th International Flower Show, one of the most ambitious cultural and tourist rendezvous of the last 30 years for our island. Nearly 50,000 visitors are expected over 10 days.


In 1973, at the initiative of Mrs. Emma MONPLAISIR and the Soroptimist club of Fort de France, the 1st International Flower Show of Martinique are held in the Flower Park of Fort-de-France and meet a huge popular success. Six years later, a second meeting of these Flower exhibitions moves to the South of the island. It is the seaside town of Trois-Ilets that hosts the event on the beautiful site of the Parc des Floralies, designed specifically for the occasion. The 3rd Flower Show were held in 1987, still in the grounds of the Parc des Floralies and have had a high attendance rate.


The word “Flower Show”, from the Latin “Floweria”, appeared for the first time in 1842 to designate a Flower exhibition. The concept is inspired by the Roman “Flower games” which are among the oldest games celebrated in Rome in honor of the goddess Flore. Originally, the concept of “Flower Show” is limited to “the exhibition of flowering plants”. Over time, the exhibits have become more complex and elaborate aesthetic and cultural research that transforms the garden into a true work of art.

The 4th Martinique International Flower Show have for major theme: “Martinique, Land of Biodiversity”.


The Territorial Collective of Martinique (CTM) and the Martinique Natural Park (PNM), co-organizers of this major event, intend to renew this international rendezvous, historic in Martinique. The organization of this event under the theme “Martinique, Land of Biodiversities, is fully in the framework of the registration procedure for” Forests and Volcanoes of the Mount Pelee and Pitons North of Martinique “World Heritage UNESCO; a new opportunity to let people know that …. #MartiniqueMerveilleduMonde


With its native name, Madinina, the island of flowers and to give it all its meaning, the PNM wishes to make this Flower highlight, the new start of the horticultural sector of Martinique. Local actors and the various municipalities of Martinique will be able to benefit from its International Flower Show to feed new ambitions for the Martinique hot-water industry; a sector of the future, full of opportunities, offering Martinique the opportunity to be for the Caribbean, a major player among the major horticultural nations.


Mobilized around this event, all the towns labeled or candidates for the “Villes et Villages Fleuris” label will also participate in the International Flower Show of Martinique. They will welcome the many visitors present for the event; the opportunity to show their commitment to respect the environment but especially the place of the plant in the development of public spaces on our territory. Without doubt, the International Flower Show of Martinique will echo the long-standing dynamic with the label “Cities and Villages in Bloom” and will allow local municipalities, the horticultural world, tourism professionals and all the economic players of Martinique to better understand the economic and tourism opportunities of the sector.


Today it is Martinique’s turn to gather the world!


In the Hot spot biodiversity of the Lesser Antilles, Martinique occupies a prominent place. It is at the heart of the biodiversity of the Lesser Antilles. It contains the greatest biodiversity of native and endemic species of trees. But Martinique wants to be more than that, it wants to be a symbol, “The Door” of the horticultural World towards the 6th continent, the Caribbean. She wants to honor the name that her ancestors of Amerindians used to bring her: Madinina, the island of flowers!

The welcome site: 50,000 m2 of wonders

The 4th Martinique International Flower Show will take place on the territory of the City of Trois-Ilets from December 7 to 15, 2019.


This event is organized around two main areas: the Parc des Floralies and the Musée de la Pagerie.


The Parc des Floralies aims to accommodate 4 hectares of natural harmony composed of lawns, wood and water, all the Flower exhibitions, the Village of Flower Show and the Forum Flower Show Artistic. The Pagerie Museum will present visitors with a rich cultural program related to the theme of International Flower Show.


The Parc des Floralies is organized around two exhibition areas. The first area will show 18 outdoor gardens created and showcased specifically for the International Flower Show. These gardens will be an expression of the creativity and passion of Martinique’s professionals. On nearly 3,000 m2, they will be the living showcase of the extraordinary wealth of Martinique and Caribbean flora.

The covered gardens

The heart of the Flower Show is constituted by the exhibitions of Flower art on a surface of 2000 m2 distributed in 4 halls. These 4 halls each offer a specific theme in connection with the general theme of Flower Show: Martinique, land of biodiversity. The Hall 1 of 300 m2 will be dedicated to Water, the Hall 6 of 600 m2 will present the theme of the Sun, the Hall 3 of 300 m2 will give to see the theme of the Air and finally, the Hall of 600m2 will be devoted to Earth. In total, these 4 halls will house 22 covered gardens of different shapes and sizes ranging from 25 to 100 m2. The challenge raised by exhibitors from Martinique, of course, but also from all regions of the globe will be, within the framework of the chosen theme, to present real works of art testifying to the reality of their region of origin through their creativity and their talent.


Prestigious awards will reward exhibitors’ achievements through the organization of a major competition run by an international jury of professionals who are experienced in this type of event.


The following pages illustrate, through some examples of the beautiful covered gardens of the International Flower Show of Nantes in May 2019, what the visitors of the next International Flower Show of Martinique will discover in December 2019.

Outdoor gardens

The Parc des Floralies is first and foremost a magnificent tropical garden staged around a lake on a total area of ​​50,000 m2. This “large” garden will consist of 18 outdoor gardens created and showcased specifically for the International Flower Show.


These outdoor gardens, landscaped by teams of landscape experts of the Martinique Natural Park, the Territorial Collective of Martinique but also by professionals from the horticultural sector and students from specialized schools will aim to be the living showcases and perennial of the extraordinary diversity and striking beauty of tropical flora.


3,000 m2 will be devoted to hosting hundreds of species of plants, flowers, shrubs and trees from the island of Martinique but also other tropical and equatorial regions of the world.


This internationally renowned ornamental exhibition will be a new opportunity for landscape architects, gardeners and horticulture professionals from around the world to compete for expertise, ingenuity and creativity.


The Territorial Collective of Martinique and the Martinique Natural Park wished to invite to this international meeting, the largest horticultural countries of Asia, Africa, Europe and of course America. Their attention also goes to the nations which aim, like Martinique, to make of this artisanal and economic domain, an important part of their development.


The Flower Show Committee of Nantes is, very naturally, the guest of honor of these 4th International Flower Show of Martinique. A nod to history, this association which organizes the Flower Show de Nantes, a major event in Europe, the 3rd most visited Salon in France, participated and collaborated in the first three editions of the International Flower Show of Martinique.


A particular place will be made to the OECS (Organization of Eastern Caribbean States) member countries which are the partners of the PNM in many fields of action, and which show a singular interest for these International Flower Show.


Obviously, he can not have International Flower Show of Martinique, without Martinique! And so that the actors of the island and their know-how are represented in the greatest fairness and plant diversity, particular attention will be paid to the selection of our representatives.


The communication of the 4th Martinique International Flower Show will be strongly articulated between an international and a strictly Martinican program.


Internationally, the Comité Martiniquais du Tourisme (CMT) is a privileged partner of the event in terms of promotion and communication to the destination of the markets issuing tourism customers. Indeed, the CMT will conduct a communication campaign related to the holding of the event of December 2019 through 3 major actions. First of all the promotion of the Flower Show on all the professional events and major international audiences to which the CMT will participate by December 2019, in particular Top Résa in Paris at the beginning of October. Then, the diffusion of written and video media on all the digital platforms and social networks of the CMT towards the target-transmitter markets, in particular Europe and the Americas. It must be remembered here that the Flower Show will be held at the beginning of the peak tourist season.


Lastly, the CMT will organize in Martinique a press trip for press agencies and international journalists on the theme of Flower Show. It will also set up discovery days reserved for international exhibitors present on the island at the time of the Flower Show.


Communication to the Martinican public is carried out at the initiative and under the guidance of the PNM and the CTM.


It integrates multiple components. First of all, an audio-visual dimension with the broadcasting of television and radio advertising spots, reinforced by the presence of a few minutes of promotional films intended to present the event more explicitly. These promotional films will be used by the CMT on foreign markets. The communication will integrate a digital component with the dissemination of messages via social networks, internet platforms, SMS and e-mailings.


The communication will concern, of course, the daily newspaper and magazine. Finally, it will concern all the visual aids in written communication (flyers, booklets, posters, etc.) and PLV that is to say on site (kakemonos, streamers, banners, etc.).


Many economic, private, public and para-public partners are already supporting this event through their commitment to subscribe to this communication program.


The CTM and the PNM, of course, wish to thank them. A partnership file is available from the PNM upon request.


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Mise à disposition des végéraux et Fleurs

Mise à disposition des végéraux et Fleurs

Mise à disposition des végéraux et Fleurs

Mise à disposition des végéraux et Fleurs

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    Francis DEKNUYDT / Martinique Entomologie

  • 15h30-16h00 : Zones humides et mangrove

Mélanie HERTEMAN, Docteur en écologie

  • 16h00-16h30 : Présentation de l’Observatoire Martiniquais de la Biodiversité (OMB)
    Christelle BERANGER et Gregory OUANA / Parc Naturel de Martinique

  • 16h30-17h : Candidature des “Volcans et forêts de la Montagne Pelée et des Pitons du Nord de la Martinique” au Patrimoine Mondial de l’UNESCO. 
    Maurice VEILLEUR, Yoann PELIS, Christelle BERANGER et Céline COISY / PNM et DEAL

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Mise à disposition des végétaux et Fleurs

Mise à disposition des végétaux et Fleurs

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